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WordPress, TV Series, music, kids, and board games. I think that's probably the best way to define me in a few words. πŸ™‚

I work at Automattic on the Jetpack plugin and its infrastructure. You'll consequently find me talking about WordPress things a lot, but also about all things open source in general.

I am French and live in Brittany, so I will post in French from time to time, as well as share pictures of our beautiful Brittany. πŸ™‚

You can also follow my blog on the Fediverse at @jeremy, for more long-form updates.

Pronouns: He/Him

Joined on Dec, 2022. 417 posts. Followed by 198. Following 204.

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Jeremy Herve . @jeremy,

Do you use Mastodon? Do you have a WordPress site? Starting today, you can use the Jetpack plugin to automatically publish your posts to your Mastodon account.

When writing new posts or editing existing posts in the WordPress editor, you have the option to automatically share that post (alongside with some text and an image) with your Fediverse followers.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! We'll continue to iterate on the feature in the next few weeks, and would be happy with any feedback you may have. :)

Note: we've developed the feature with Mastodon in mind, but we know there are dozens of microblogging tools allowing you to post to the Fediverse today. Our integration already works with some of those tools out of the box, but not all. We're definitely aiming to support other aspects of the Fediverse in the future.

And another note: maybe you'd rather have your site become its own ActivityPub actor? That's possible, too! You can install the ActivityPub plugin, and each author on your site will have their own ActivityPub account, where each one of their new posts will be pushed.

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Jeremy Herve . @jeremy,

Jetpack 12.1.1: Critical Security Update

If you use the Jetpack plugin on your site, you'll want to update to the latest version as soon as you can.

Good news is, we've worked with the Security Team to help patch that issue; chances are your site has already been automatically updated to one of the 102 patched versions we've released.

Find a list of all the patched versions in this blog post.

This was a fun morning.

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Jeremy Herve . @jeremy,

As I'm following more and more people here, I'm starting to see more and more of the things I don't like on other platforms:

  • Folks spreading FUD
  • Folks not assuming positive intent in their conversations
  • Subtooting

I stopped using Twitter because this kind of atmosphere wasn't good for my mental well-being. It wasn't a fun, rewarding, learning experience. The Fediverse felt more like that to me a few months ago.

On one hand, I know of a quick fix: keep my social circle small, unfollow when in doubt. On the other hand, not following more people doesn't widen my horizons, doesn't open me to more opinions, ultimately keeps me in a bubble.

Is there another solution I'm missing? Anyone have any tips?

Thank you!

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Jeremy Herve . @jeremy,

Autoloading, coding standards and file structure in WordPress plugin development

A nice intro to autoloading, part of a nice series on "modern PHP in WordPress plugins". πŸ‘

@marcuskober Kudos on the series so far, I like where you're going with this, I think it will prove very useful to folks getting started with WordPress plugin development!

I'm curious if you're thinking on covering Composer packages and how to use them in WordPress plugins in one of the upcoming posts in the series? That's something that bugged us for a while when developing our different plugins at Automattic, and one of the reasons we ended up building a custom autoloader. I'd be curious to read different takes on that problem, and maybe different approaches to solve that issue!

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Jeremy Herve . @jeremy,

There are days when you should really stay in bed. Today is one of those days for me...

This is a new record for me; my resting heart rate never went below 80bpm last night. That's worse than my usual resting heart rate during the day :)

Not sure what's happening with me but I sure need the weekend to come, soon :)

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Jeremy Herve . @jeremy,

We played the first chapter of Mice & Mystics this weekend.

I had originally intended to play it with the kids, but they couldn't wait for me to understand the rules and abandoned the table to go play something else. My wife and I ended up playing the chapter without them :)

It took us more than 2 hours though! It's a really nice game, would be fun for kids too I think, but it has a lot of rules to grasp before you can even get started.

#BoardGames, #Mice&Mystics, #DungeonCrawler

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