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Jeremy Herve . @jeremy,

I'm looking for book recommendations.

I am interested in Sci-Fi, with great world building. Possibly a series, something I could enjoy for a few books.

To give you some examples, I really enjoyed The Expanse, and The Dresden Files for example. I like the universe built by William Gibson (e.g Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive, The Peripheral), but I find him very hard to read in English.

Do any of you have recommendations of things I could try?

Thank you!

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skry . @skry,

@jeremy @donncha Iain M Banks - Culture (shared universe, not a series)
Charles Stross - start with Halting State or Merchant Princes series
Greg Bear
John Shirley - Eclipse series
David Marusek - start with Counting Heads

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Third spruce tree on the left . @tezoatlipoca,

@skry @jeremy @donncha Of late that I've read and loved (I'm really space opera as you can tell):

The Expanse - you already got that

Peter F Hamilton - Commonwealth (Pandora, Judas) > Void Trilogy > Abyss x2 - that's 7 novels all set in the same continuum. THEN, if you like that, slide right on over into the Salvation Trilogy; new world but probably his best. Skip his first trilogy the Reality Dysfunction whatever, those are pretty bad (space ghosts? bleh)


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Third spruce tree on the left . @tezoatlipoca,

@skry @jeremy @donncha Elizabeth Bear, White Space (x2 books)

Pearce Brown's Red Rising.. series. Ok, he's not the best writer but these books are FUN. Game of Thrones meets Rome in space meets less-hard-sci-fi Expanse. Space romans. I reached the climactic scene in book 3 (there's 6 now) and went FUCK YEAH! and heaved the book across the room I was so excited. I can't wait for book 7. or 6, whatever the one that isn't out yet.


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Third spruce tree on the left . @tezoatlipoca,

@skry @jeremy @donncha Alastair Reynolds - Inhibitor Trilogy; good, although book 3 pulled a Neal Stephenson and wrapped up too fast.

Iain M Bank's Culture Series - there's a dozen books and they're all fantastic; nothing in common other than they're set in the same universe, but successive books make reference to characters and events from earlier ones. Make sure you also read** The Algebraist **its not a Culture novel but its one of his best.. and the last before he past.


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Third spruce tree on the left . @tezoatlipoca,

@skry @jeremy @donncha Neal Asher - Agent Cormac series (x5 books); James Bond super space agent Forrest Gumping his way through galaxy consequential space events.

Rebecca Roanhorse's Between Earth and Sky series (Black Sun etc.) -eagerly awaiting book #3 here.

Anne Leckie's Imperial Rach trilogy (Ancilliary Justice, etc) - so good.


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Third spruce tree on the left . @tezoatlipoca,

@skry @jeremy @donncha Yoon Ha Lee - The machineries of Empire trilogy (Ninefox Gambit etc.) - I particularly liked the whole physics depends on your math thing. cool.

NK Jemesin - start with her Hugo winning Broken Earth trilogy, then swing to The city We Became.

Arkady Martine's Teixcalaan series (A Memory Called Empire, Desolation called Peace) - eagerly awaiting book 3 in this series.


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Third spruce tree on the left . @tezoatlipoca,

@skry @jeremy @donncha Cixin Liu's 3-Body Problem Trilogy - good read.

Of course Martha Wells' s very good Murderbot series.

John Scalzi's Old Man's War series. then his Locked In duology and then his Interdependancy trilogy.

Some oldies and favourites: The Stainless Steel Rat (Harrison), The Man Who Used The Universe (Alan Dean Foster); David Gerrold's The Voyage of The Starwolf (and sequels).


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Third spruce tree on the left . @tezoatlipoca,

@skry @jeremy @donncha Its not sci-fi per se.. eh, maybe it is. But its quite delightful and I really can't wait for book #4. The Locked Tomb series by Tamsyn Muir - yeah, it looks like a YA series and its billed as space lesbian necromancers but the character and world building here is phenomenal and I really am pissed at having to wait for book #4.


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HistoPol . @HistoPol,


Have you read the Saga by ?
However, vocabulary might not be easy.

Where it definitely is not easy, but a must-read, nonetheless, is 's .

A much easier read, but a really old one and in the genre, is the franchise, featured yesterday in our on the :

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Kevin Davidson . @MetalSamurai,

@jeremy Everyone’s already recommended Charles Stross, Ian M Banks, Ann Leckie, Ian Reynolds. All great.
Maybe try Becky Chambers if you want to try cosy world building and nice people being lovely (think Star Trek fanfic, but becomes very much its own thing in a common universe).

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Jeffrey J. Dean . @JeffreyJDean,

@jeremy @HistoPol Ursula K. Le Guin. Earthsea is a series, and many of her books are set in the Hainish universe, although they don’t follow on from one another. I especially prize *Always coming home*, which is framed as an anthropologist’s dossier rather than as a conventional novel (it stands alone, though). See

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Anca . @anca,

@jeremy Check out "Involution Ocean" and "The Artificial Kid" by Bruce Sterling. They were written in the early 80's but are still applicable today (especially Artificial Kid)

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Mikko Karvonen . @hiljaisuus,

@jeremy @immersfer

Here are few suggestions to look into:
- Ann Leckie’s Ancillary trilogy
- John Scalzi’s Interdependency series. And if you enjoy that, anything else by him.
- Arkady Martine: A Memory Called Empire and its sequel
- Adrian Tchaikovsky: Children of Time and sequels. I have also heard good things of his Final Architecture series, but I have not yet read it myself.
- Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward and sequels is technically young adult, but it’s good fun.

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Dare . @dare,

@jeremy Some more SF worlds:

- Alasdair Reynolds - Revelation Space (Space Opera with no FTL travel)
- David Gerrold - War Against the Chtorr (ecologial queer mil-scifi)
- Kim Stanley Robinson - Mars Trilogy (hard sci-fi on terraforming Mars)
- Charles Stross - Merchant Princes series (alt-world hopping sci-fi, starts as portal fantasy, morphs into sci-fi techno thriller)

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Nina . @nighttw,

Sci-fi series recommendations:
- Lois McMaster Bujold's The Vorkosigan Saga starts with Shards of Honor
- Becky Chambers: Wayfarers, A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
- Tanya Huff: Confederation, Valor's Choice (Valour's Choice)
- Ann Leckie: Imperial Radch, Ancillary Justice
- Hannu Rajaniemi: The Quantum Thief (first in a trilogy)
- Martha Wells: The Murderbot Diaries, All Systems Red

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